Thursday, July 2, 2009

You Never Close Your Eyes Anymore When I Kiss Your Lips...

Your Phightin' Phils got TWO HIT last night by Jagggr Jurrrrrgens and the Atlanta Braves. Go back and read that last sentence again. Amazingly, they managed to score a run, but did so without a hit. Werth walked, advanced to third when Jurrrrrgennnnz threw the ball away trying to pick him off, and scored from third on the weakest sac fly I've seen since I stopped drinking at Little League games.

Jimmy Rollins. Oh Jimmy. You used to be my favorite, so slick with the glove. But now you're 0-8 with in this series and 0 for your last 27. If the magic isn't gone, it's draining quickly.

Cole Hamels is more troubling. He have up seven earned runs last night in 4+ innings, raising his ERA to 4.98 for the season. He's also been having trouble all year with pitch counts. I've notice that teams are fouling off a lot of pitches against him, most of which were swing-and-misses in the past. To me, that says his stuff just isn't quite as nasty. It'll be interesting to see how he bounces back next start.

In conclusion, f$#$@&!

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